Pale Rider (1985) Movie Review


It seems that the story fell into another stereotype, but it is not. Before the priest came, the miners of Cabernet Canyon only waited to be driven away, and after he appeared to negotiate, the miners’ wages had risen from $100 to $1000. However, the miners became greedy and wanted to occupy the canyon. There is nothing wrong with their choices. Finally, it is the priest alone, who went for the combat and without the help of the lump and Barret, the priest would be killed in the early stage of the combat. The priest himself said that unity is the only thing that can defeat evil alone. When it comes to love, it tells us that women prefer men who are capable.

The whole story is similar to the story of the Seven Samurai, but the director’s put his own thoughts into the movie. At least the peasants in Seven Samurai went for the combat but in Pale-Rider, it’s just the priest who fought alone. The subtext I see is what if the priest never comes or the priest is killed early? The evil sheriff had already said, this man is dead, pander to the six gunshot wounds in the priest’s back at the beginning of this movie. There are no fairy tales in the world, and the happy ending is actually a tragedy. As one of the miners said on one of those nights: priest, you’re going to town tomorrow, right?

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