Niagara (1953)

The story, the way it shoot and the atmosphere was created was similar to Hitchcock’s style, and I think Hitchcock would direct this movie in a similar manner. The biggest feature of the film was that most of the scenes were shot on location, which was rare in early Technicolor films.  The actual effects were also very good with a lot of close up shots of the spectacular Niagara Falls, which was pleased the audiences’ eyes. Under the constant waterfall sound, the shot of the night scene and the hotel’s interior space outspread were very well. The camera position and the color used for the murder scene of Monroe create a strong visual impact on the audience. Monroe, who can be described as a star born for the color film, matched perfectly to Technicolor films. No wonder she could inspire Warhol’s Monroe symbol and classic color transformation method. From her early film that she was starred in, It’s not that she didn’t have the potential to act, but that her sex appeal was too bright. So the producer used her appearance to make a business profit. That’s why she wore lipsticks while taking a bath. Those plots related to showing her appearance all short her actual performance of acting.

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